Tyre and Wheel


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Tyre and Wheel

Wheel alignment services are an essential part of proper working of your car. These tires are responsible for traction and grip to the road. The component of a car that you scan never ever ignore or compromise on has to be your car tires. A compromised tire is 49% responsible for the daily accident rates in the US only.

Raja K Autos provides unparalleled tire assistance that includes all the tire related services you can imagine of. From tire alignment to tire repairs and tube management services ensuring a smooth and grippy ride at any terrain you drive.

People ignore tires entirely just because they are sturdy but you can not get over the fact that they are the most used components in any car. From being installed, a tire can never ever rest sideways, and when it does, it is usually an unpleasant scenario.

• Wheel alignment helps prevent wear by having the tire rotate in a direction, other than the path of the vehicle.
• Inflation is key to proper wear and rolling resistance of pneumatic tires. Many vehicles have monitoring systems to assure proper inflation.
• Tires that are fully worn can be retreaded, re-manufactured to replace the worn tread.

Our featured services

Tire and Wheel

Wheel alignment services are an essential part of proper working of your car.

Lube and Filter

Lubricants help reduce friction in the engine components.

Break Repair

Breaks are crucial components that help with deceleration and road grip.

Support Services

Motor oils are crucial components required for fluid car functions. The better oils are always appreciated.

Motor oil should be kept in check along with the integrity of tires.

Routine maintenance is easy to track if you measure the distance driven on a daily basis and keep the integrity of crucial components in observation.

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