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Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is a special service which includes repositioning your vehicle’s tires in specific patterns i.e. from front to back or side to side. It is a crucial way of tire upkeep & safety. Rotating your tires may also be required to keep your tires covered under warranty.

There are several reasons why tire rotation is important. First, by routinely rotating your tires, wear is spread evenly across all four tires, and their tread life is maximized; for example, tires on the back of a rear -wheel drive will end up taking a larger chunk of torque and friction which is required when making a turn, accelerating or braking. It is especially important to rotate new tires by 5,000 miles because deep, fresh tire tread is more susceptible to uneven wear.

• Evenly worn tires lower the stresses on the drivetrain.
• Rotating helps reduce wear on expensive drive components
• Even tread wear keeps the tread depth on your tires uniform, aiding traction & handling.

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