Engine Mechanical work


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Engine Mechanical work

The most complex work that occurs in a repairing shop includes the engine mechanical work. Engine is full of different parts and sensitive components of each size. Even a little screw has duties to perform. Repairing engine is difficult task but it can be mastered.

Engines are full of different systems. There are chargers, turbos, coils, electrical wiring, complex mechanical framework, belts running on gears, it is like a puzzle. A single fault can cause a domino effect and one by one the engine components will fall. Engine job has to be perfect with no compromises whatsoever. Without engine, a car is just a box on wheels. Raja K Autos has professional technicians that have mastered the niche and will always provide the supreme engine mechanical services to our clients.

• Cars have more than just one piston and valve. The more pistons, the more power.
• There are six types of car engines. Each has its own perks.
• The lesser cylinders, the lesser the energy consumption as well as energy. And vice versa.

Our featured services

Tire and Wheel

Wheel alignment services are an essential part of proper working of your car.

Lube and Filter

Lubricants help reduce friction in the engine components.

Break Repair

Breaks are crucial components that help with deceleration and road grip.

Support Services

Motor oils are crucial components required for fluid car functions. The better oils are always appreciated.

Motor oil should be kept in check along with the integrity of tires.

Routine maintenance is easy to track if you measure the distance driven on a daily basis and keep the integrity of crucial components in observation.

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