A Completely Safe and Advanced Cleaning Solution for both Petrol and Diesel Engines

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We Believe our customers are the easiest way of our company’s promotion & marketing. That is what keeps us going in the right direction.

Company overviews

Tire and Wheel

Wheel alignment services are an essential part of proper working of your car.

Lube and Filter

Lubricants help reduce friction in the engine components.We know that components in a car engine

Break Repair

Breaks are the one thing that help you decelerate your ride Brakes pads rub against the rim to halt the car & bring it to a stop..

Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is a special service which includes repositioning your vehicle’s tires in specific patterns i.e. from front to back or side to side.

Engine Mechanical work

The most complex work that occurs in a repairing shop includes the engine mechanical work. Engine is full of different parts and sensitive components of each size.

Suspension Work

Suspensions are the backbone of balance. The suspension system in your ride is responsible for the traction and balancing that is required when you drive on an uneven road.

Engine Tuning

Engine components are always in work when ignited. These components are working in a specific co-ordination which is achieved either electrically or mechanically.

Belt & Hoses

Belts are supposed to reotate and act much like gears. Just these are elastic and can provide flexibility to the components they join with. With time, hoses and belts can wither and cause malfunctions.

Our mission

Our mission is to eradicate road-side errands that hundreds of people go through on daily basis.

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Raja K Autos is a professional taskforce created to provide aid to our valuable clients. We encounter hundreds of emergency operation calls from all over the city at our variety of branches distributed throughout the city.

We understand the situation our clients go through during their car breakdown and we try our best to satisfy our clients by providing them flawless solutions in no time to waste. All Raja K Auto mechanics are handpicked by our higherups and are responsible for creating the super team of mechanical expertise with a combined 20+ year experience in each batch.

Apart from being the best-in-class mechanic service, we are skilled in different sectors of automobile industry. From manufacturing to repair & breakdown, you can always count on Raja K Autos to get the work done professionally, that too in affordable rates; guaranteed.

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